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Home Accessibility: The Advantages of Vertical Platform Lifts

Elevating Safety and Style: The Indispensable Role of Grab Bars and Handrails in Healthcare Spaces

The Essential Guide to Portable Ramps for Accessibility

Enhancing Accessibility: Lift Chairs and Ramps for Home Healthcare

Revolutionizing Healthcare: The Power of Portable Showers at home

Navigating Mobility: A Comprehensive Guide to Stairlifts and Their Varieties

Enhancing Independence and Safety: Physical Therapy Evaluations for Home Adaptations

Enjoy Your Vacations with a Rental Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter

Stair Glides for Home: Making Life Easier for Everyone

Lift Chairs Provide a Comfortable, Safe, & Effective Solution for Limited Movement Individuals

An ADA-Compliant Bathroom Can Be Useful for Everyone

Aluminum Ramps for easier home access

Choosing a folding mobility scooter makes life easier!

Use Grab Bars to prevent falls in the bathroom

Providing incontinence service that prioritizes patient dignity

Do we need a Hospital Bed at home?

Urinary Incontinence causes and triggers in men and women.

Advantages of renting a Home Care bed

Who might be an appropriate user for Complex Rehab Technology mobility equipment

Incontinence Products and Supplies from Marx Medical

Get back the freedom and independence you deserve with Medical Alert Systems

What is Complex Rehab and why is so important

Do I need a walker or rollator?

Stairlifts advice guide

What is a Hoyer Lift and how do you use it

How to Select a Vehicle  Wheelchair Lift

Using a Breast Pump : The Advantages

Adaptive Home Modifications : Our house, our safe place

How to rent a Wheelchair When You Travel

Considerations when buying or renting a Stair Glide

Stair lift Rental and why you should think about it.

Pennsylvania’s Move to Managed Care

Platform Lifts – Making Life Easier for People with Limited Mobility

Benefits of installing a stair lift at home

5 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Take Their Medication

How Do I Qualify for a Hospital Bed?

8 Ways to Remember to Take Your Medication

Six Ways to Make Your Home More Accessible

Getting a Medical Alert System: Don’t Let Your Parents Use These Excuses

How to Recognize Medical Emergencies

If Medicare Won’t Pay for My Stair Lift, Who Will?

Will Installing a Stair Lift Damage My Home?

How to Tackle Diabetes Head On

Taking Incontinence on Vacation: A Survival Guide

Winter Foot Care Tips for People with Diabetes

What You Need to Know About Community Health Choices

Stair Glide Safety Tips

Safe Spaces – Five Ways to Make a Bathroom More Accessible

People Want to Age in Place. A Stair Glide Can Help.

How to Make Your Home More Accessible for Holiday Guests

Does Medicare Cover Shoes for Diabetics?

Can I Afford a Stair Lift or Home Elevator?

5 Benefits of Medical Alert Systems

How to Rent a Wheelchair in Philadelphia

Watch Your Step: The Do's and Don'ts of Diabetic Foot Care

Features, Advantages and Drawbacks of Mobility Scooters and Power Wheelchairs

Medication Dispensers and More: How Technology Helps Seniors

How to Make Your Home Wheelchair Accessible

Accessible Adventures: Buy or Rent a Wheelchair or Scooter for Vacation

Leading Causes of Senior Injuries: How to Protect Yourself Against Falls

Can I Really Get a Hospital Bed into My House?

Medicaid Waivers Can Make Home Modifications Possible – Stair Lifts, Railing, Ramps and More

Cruel Summer: How Seniors Can Stay Safe When the Weather Gets Hot

Will I Have Enough Room? And Other Questions to Ask Your Stair Lift Installer.

Philadelphia Freedom: Wheelchair User Guide to the City of Brotherly Love

Mobility Scooter vs a Power Wheelchair: What's is the Difference?

Will Medicare Cover My Diabetic Shoes?

Women & Caregiving: Shedding Light on the Burden

What to Look for When Being Fitted for Diabetic Shoes and Inserts

What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

Disposable Diapers: Breaking Through the Stigma

Best Practices for Medication Disposal

Caregivers: Be Sure to Take Care of Yourself

Diabetic Foot Care Tips

Medication Dispensers Give Caregivers Peace of Mind

What to Look for in a Personal Medical Alert System

Features to Look for When Renting or Buying a Hospital Bed

What to Look for When Choosing a Mobility Scooter

Download Aging in Place: How to Plan for Senior Living

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