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Choosing a folding mobility scooter makes life easier!

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 10/21/22 1:23 PM

As older people start to have difficulty in walking many choose to use a mobility scooter to help them move around. Benefitting from improved design, mobility scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mobility device and are a common sight on many streets.

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Mobility Scooter vs a Power Wheelchair: What's is the Difference?

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 5/9/18 10:30 AM

To the average person, power wheelchairs and mobility scooters might seem pretty interchangeable.

But ask someone who relies on mobility devices to live their daily lives and they’ll tell you there are some pretty key differences between the two.

Not sure whether you or a loved one would do better with a scooter or a power chair? Here’s a look at the differences between the two.

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