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5 Ways to Convince Your Parents to Take Their Medication

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 8/28/19 8:55 AM

Among the many hurdles that come with acting as a caregiver for elderly parents is getting them to take their medication.

It’s what’s known as non-adherence – a topic we discussed in our last article about medication dispensers – or the failure to take meds on schedule or in the correct dose.

This can have serious consequences. Non-adherence leads to countless hospitalizations each year and is a key reason why many seniors are admitted to nursing homes.

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Women & Caregiving: Shedding Light on the Burden

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 4/11/18 10:30 AM

Are you a member of the “Sandwich Generation?”

This is a term used to describe the millions of women who act as caregivers to their elderly parents, while still raising children and holding down a job. And they need help.

In this week’s blog post, we’ll look at the struggles facing these women, and how devices such as medication dispensers and medical alert systems can help ease their burden.

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