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How to Select a Vehicle  Wheelchair Lift

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 4/12/21 10:15 AM

Wheelchair lifts for cars come in a variety of styles and price points for consumer and commercial vehicles. Power wheelchair and scooter users have the ability to move around their homes or even the garden, with the aid of home modifications or with the support of a caregiver. Moving in locations close to home is also possible, but going outside to places that a car is needed, is completely different.

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Using a Breast Pump : The Advantages

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 1/28/21 12:41 PM

Using Breast Pump : Advantages

Both breastfeeding and pumping are excellent ways to feed a baby breast milk. Breast milk is the natural food for infants, and pumping can offer benefits that are similar, although not identical, to providing breast milk directly from the breast. Babies who feed exclusively on pumped milk do not get the benefit of a feedback loop between their body and the breast milk. However, they do still gain access to a well-designed food that is rich in healthful fats and antibodies.

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Adaptive Home Modifications : Our house, our safe place

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 12/9/20 2:14 PM

Adaptive Home Modifications : Our house, our safe place

For many people, getting older comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to mobility. As much as they would like to remain in the home they love, family members often can’t take care of their mobility needs around the house.


However, there is a way for you or your loved one to stay home and to promote more safety throughout the house. We believe aging in place should be possible for all of our customers. That’s why we offer a range of remodelling services to help people achieve that goal.

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How to rent a Wheelchair When You Travel

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 10/8/20 12:29 PM

When you travel, you can use resources such as airports, travel agents, and hotels, to help you arrange for a wheelchair rental. However, if you are not flying to your destination and if you are staying with friends or family, you may have to spend more time looking for local resources and making arrangements yourself.

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Considerations when buying or renting a Stair Glide

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 9/8/20 11:30 AM

Considerations when buying or renting a Stair Glide

As the population ages, installing stair lifts is becoming more and more popular. From arthritis to balance impairments, several health issues can make it difficult in a home where there are stairs. The good news is that there is an easy solution… A stair lift is a perfect option for otherwise mobile people, but just need a boost to get up and down the stairs.

The stair glide is easy to install on a spiral or curved staircase and can be used both indoors and outdoors. When you purchase one of these devices, you no longer have to worry about calling for assistance. A stair glide is a motorized chair that moves on the side of your stairway. The chair is linked to and operates along a rail that is set up to move the entire distance of the stairway.

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