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Providing incontinence service that prioritizes patient dignity

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 7/25/22 2:29 PM

When a patient suffers from incontinence, he or she is really suffering from two things; the negative impact that their physical condition is having on their lives, and the frustration and embarrassment they feel from an emotional standpoint. Our youth obsessed popular culture has done an excellent job of stigmatizing and mocking the condition of incontinence to the point that people with the condition don’t want to talk about it — at all.

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Taking Incontinence on Vacation: A Survival Guide

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 3/20/19 11:23 AM

If you’re someone who deals with incontinence and uses incontinence products, the idea of taking a vacation can seem stressful. It’s hard enough living with incontinence at home, let alone in an unfamiliar city or even country.

But with enough planning and the right mindset, it’s possible for you to get out and explore the planet despite your condition. Read on to learn more about traveling when you have incontinence.

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