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Benefits of installing a stair lift at home

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 1/9/20 1:47 PM


Persons with limited mobility due to old age or disability often feel compelled to move from their multi-level home

As we get older and our health becomes more fragile, problems may arise which can reduce our level of independence.  Fortunately, there are many mobility aids which restore our sense of independence. The most popular being the stair lift.

While most people are aware that stair lifts exist, they are frequently unfamiliar with the options that may be available to them within their home.  The fact is stair lifts chairs are often the key to bringing access of the entire house to those with limited mobility.

The chair is easily operated by a switch mounted on the arm rest.  Remote controls that can summon the unoccupied chair from the top or bottom of the stairs are also available.

Stair lifts can be powered by two small 12-volt batteries located under the seat or by direct house current.  Of course the advantage of battery-powered models, is that they continue to operate if power is lost within the home.  The chairs seat and armrest typically fold up when not in use allowing normal use of the stairs.

20180828060802_5552Some lifts, have a platform and rail that allow them to be ridden in a standing position. All have sensors around the perimeter of the foot platform that will stop the lifts when a sensor is triggered — by a toy, an inquisitive child or a foot that has slipped off the platform.

The standard seat is about 17 inches wide and can carry up about 300 pounds; heavy-duty models with 22-inch seats and can carry about 350 pounds.

Installation is straightforward, the rail, the chair rides on is attached to the stairs themselves, not the wall, and holds the chair an inch or two above the steps. It can be attached to either side of the staircase, and in most cases, lifts can be installed on a staircase as narrow as 28 inches. The rail itself must be wired into the house circuit to provide current to charge the batteries or run the chair.


Help with health conditions

The reason why a stairlift is considered to be one of the best mobility aids is because of the vast benefits they can offer in terms of user health, with many people not realising the amount of issues it can help resolve until it is installed.

Among the most common conditions which older people suffer with are rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis, which can cause inflammation to one or more joints. A well-known issue amongst the elderly community, it’s not something that is easily cured and the pain is usually only localised with pain killers. It’s this lack of a quick fix which could be combatted to some extent with a starlift, meaning that a trip upstairs doesn’t always result in pain.

Aviator Piolet Stairlift 2Another benefit is that the stair lift will also benefit the attending spouse, family member or caregiver, meaning they will no longer have to put their bodies at risk of injury while helping the user safely navigate the stairwell.  With over six million unpaid caregivers living in America, it’s clear that installing a stair lift could offer a significantly better quality of life for many.

Our company has many years of experience in the field of indoor and outdoor vertical lifts and stair lifts.  You can talk with us to determine how these could help meet your needs and allow you stay in your home.

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