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Stair lift Rental and why you should think about it.

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 7/27/20 4:20 PM


Stair lift Rental and why you should think about it.

Stair lifts offer a safe, practical and reliable way of overcoming the problem of getting up and down stairs. Stair lifts are available in a number of different configurations in order to fit your house or your needs. Designed by a team of experts, a stair lift delivers a safe and reliable way to overcome the problems posed by stairs. Here at Marx Medical Equipment we are extremely proud of the quality that goes into every stair lift. When we install your new stair lift, we pay close attention to even the smallest detail and will complete the installation in a professional yet friendly manner. 

Renting a stair lift is also an option!

Renting a stair lift may be the preferred option for some customers. Renting eliminates the worry and extra expense of maintenance and servicing costs of a stair lift.

There are circumstances where buying a stair lift may not be the right solution. Examples when renting is a good option might be when a relative comes to visit, your recovering from a short term illness or operation, or perhaps your budget requires a low set monthly charge. 

This is where renting a stair lift could be the answer for you.


Our Installation Process

Installation of your stair lift will usually take a few hours.The installation process might create a little mess but our installers will clean up after they are finished. Many people do not realize that the stair lift is actually attached to the steps of the staircase and not the wall! Which means that removal is extremely easy. 

Our installation team will show you how to use all of your stair lift’s features. They will not leave until you are confident how to in safely using use your newly installed stair lift. All of our stair lifts come with a warranty, and our customer care team who is always on hand available to answer any questions that you may have. 


Our Commitment

Our team will advise you on the type of stair lift that may be required as well as take all of the measurements that are needed to recommend a stair lift which will perfectly suit your needs and fit perfectly in your home.

Soon after your stair lift is installed you will discover the freedom of being able to move freely throughout the entirety of your home. Going up the stairs will no longer be a challenge and you will regain independence in your home.

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