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Stairlifts advice guide

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 6/24/21 10:50 AM


Stairlifts advice guide

A stairlift carries people (and sometimes wheelchairs) up and down staircases. Motorised domestic stairlifts are relatively straightforward devices, although they become slightly more complicated if you have a curved or unusually shaped staircase.

Stairlift tracks usually fit to the treads of the stairs, not to the wall next to the staircase, although there are some exceptions.

Most stairlifts run on rechargeable batteries that recharge automatically from the mains. This means they will still function in a powercut. Some are mains-powered, but will still have a small back-up battery in case of a powercut. 


The advantages and disadvantages of getting a stairlift


  • The main disadvantage of a stairlift is cost. To buy one and get one installed, you are looking at spending at least a few thousand dollars. And this is just for a straight staircase. If you have a staircase with a bend or curve in it, it will be much more.
  • May require some alterations to your property. For the majority of people, this isn't really going to be an issue. But sometimes alterations need to be made to or around the staircase in order for one to be safely fitted. However, where these are necessary, they are normally minor and can be quickly and cheaply done.


  • They are safe. If you ask from our company to fit a stairlift, they are very safe to use. In addition, when you have one installed on your staircase, people will have no problem to safely walk up and down it.
  • Minor damage to the property to have one installed. As we said one of the disadvantages is the fit of stairlifts. But the things we need to change in home are not so difficult. The only alteration that needs to be made is a series of holes to some of the steps on the staircase to connect the stairlift's track/rail to.
  • They are reliable. As long as they are serviced regularly and bought from our technicians, they are very reliable. Breakdowns do happen, but there are manual ways to move a stairlift up or down a staircase.
  • They work when there is a power cut. The vast majority of stairlifts run off batteries that are continuously recharged from the mains (don't ever buy a stairlift which isn't). That means that they still can be used even when there is no mains electricity.
  • Not many good alternatives to them. Although there are alternatives to getting a stairlift installed if a person is struggling on the stairs, they are either not ideal or cheap. For many people, it is either having a stairlift installed or moving house.

Final Decision!?

The next decision you have to make is what stairlift is right for you. Our team here in Marx Medical Equipment is here to help! We have the best installers in the tri-State area and we can also help you with any technical issue. Call us now at 215-426-9242



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