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Can I Afford a Stair Lift or Home Elevator?

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 11/21/18 10:30 AM

Senior lady on stairliftIf you put 100 senior citizens in the same room and asked them if they hoped to spend the rest of their lives living at home, all but a handful of them would say “Yes.”

Most of us want to age in place, but that’s often easier said than done. That’s where home modifications such as stair lifts and home elevators can help, allowing you to access your entire home at a time when mobility issues might have made taking the stairs impossible.

At the same time, installing a lift or an elevator isn’t like putting in a new porch light. It’s a pretty big investment, in terms of time and money. Here are some things you should know before you proceed.

Can I afford it?

Installing stair lifts or residential elevators might seem beyond your budget, but keep in mind that there are  government programs that can help you pay for these modifications. And keep in mind that many home modification companies, like Marx Medical offer financing on home elevator and stair lift costs.

Pennsylvania, like most other states, participates in a Medicaid program that covers home modifications that allow people to age in place. The state also has what are known as “Support Service Waivers” open to senior citizens and people with disabilities.

Before you build

Some things to consider before installing stair lifts include:

  • Navigator E604Space – Your stair lift needs to be able to navigate your steps while still leaving room for other people to get up and down. Make sure the lift has a seat, arms, and footrest that fold up to allow room for others.
  • The shape of your staircase – If you have a straight staircase, installing a new lift will be easy and less expensive. Installing a stair lift on a curved stairway – or a stairway that covers one or more landings – is an option as well, but it will require more work.
  • Safety – Make sure your stair lift includes essential safety features such as seat belts, footrests and sensors that can detect anything – or anyone – in the chair’s path.

And when considering a home elevator, ask yourself:

  • Savaria TelecabDo I have enough room? Home elevators need a substantial amount of space in your home, which might limit your options.
  • Is mobility the only issue? There might be other health factors that make aging in place unlikely for you. Think about this before you decide to invest in an elevator.
  • How much time do I have? If you need to remedy an accessibility issue right away, an elevator might not be your best option. Construction can take quite a bit of time. You may want to consider renting a stair lift in the short term.

Will it add value to my home?

Pilot StairliftYou wanted to age in place. So will the people who eventually buy your home. Aging-in-place modifications are becoming increasingly popular, and an elevator can be a selling point even for families with young, active members who nonetheless want help carrying things from floor to floor.

Are you ready to install a stair lift? Curious about the cost of home elevators? Turn to Marx Medical.

Our home modifications include top quality stair lifts from companies like Pilot, as well as Savaria home elevators. No matter the size of your home or the size of your budget, our team can work with you on a solution that makes your home safe and accessible.

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