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Will Installing a Stair Lift Damage My Home?

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 5/8/19 9:40 AM

For many people, having stair lifts installed means adding a permanent fixture – although a very useful fixture – to their home.

But not everyone who needs a stair lift will need it for very long.

Maybe you have a relative coming to visit for a few weeks, and you know they won’t be able to manage to get up and down your steps.

Or maybe you’re recovering from surgery and need to give your knees a rest for a while.

Whatever the case, a temporary stair lift rental offers you a solution. Yet at the back of your mind, you might be wondering: Will installing a stair lift damage my steps or my walls?

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Stair Glide Safety Tips

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 2/8/19 11:30 AM

As we’ve written before, installing a stair lift – also known as a stair glide – in your home can transform the way you live.

Are you worried that you’ll fall while trying to get up and down your steps? A stair lift can help.

Do you spend hours trying to figure out how you can turn one of your downstairs rooms into a bedroom or bathroom because your second floor has been rendered off limits? A stair lift can help.

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Can I Afford a Stair Lift or Home Elevator?

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 11/21/18 10:30 AM

If you put 100 senior citizens in the same room and asked them if they hoped to spend the rest of their lives living at home, all but a handful of them would say “Yes.”

Most of us want to age in place, but that’s often easier said than done. That’s where home modifications such as stair lifts and home elevators can help, allowing you to access your entire home at a time when mobility issues might have made taking the stairs impossible.

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Medicaid Waivers Can Make Home Modifications Possible – Stair Lifts, Railing, Ramps and More

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 7/3/18 6:30 AM

For people with mobility issues, the right kind of home modification can be life changing.

Whether it’s something as simple as grab bars that make your bathroom safer or a stair lift that lets you retain access to both floors of your home, home modifications give senior citizens and people with disabilities a sense of comfort, safety and dignity.

And while making these kinds of changes to your home might seem like more than you can afford, there are government programs that can help you pay for home modifications.

In this week’s blog post, we’ll look at how those programs work.

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