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An ADA-Compliant Bathroom Can Be Useful for Everyone

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 12/20/22 9:30 AM

Remodelling your bathroom or building a new one? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has specific requirements.

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Aluminum Ramps for easier home access

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 11/21/22 11:00 AM


While for many years America’s seniors have opted for the amenities and services offered by assisted living communities, this trend is quickly coming to an end. Today, reports have shown approximately 90% of seniors hope to remain in their homes as they age. This change is largely driven by the rising costs of assisted living, greater availability of home services such as meal delivery services and home nurses; as well as the advancement of age-appropriate home modifications. The devastating impact that COVID-19 had on nursing homes has also added to this shifting change.

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Choosing a folding mobility scooter makes life easier!

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 10/21/22 1:23 PM

As older people start to have difficulty in walking many choose to use a mobility scooter to help them move around. Benefitting from improved design, mobility scooters are becoming an increasingly popular mobility device and are a common sight on many streets.

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Use Grab Bars to prevent falls in the bathroom

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 9/20/22 1:37 PM

Grab bars are often prescribed to ensure safe and independent bathing and toileting. Studies have shown that seniors do not always use grab bars for several reasons like reluctancy due to the associated stigma. 

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Providing incontinence service that prioritizes patient dignity

Posted by Marx Medical Equipment on 7/25/22 2:29 PM

When a patient suffers from incontinence, he or she is really suffering from two things; the negative impact that their physical condition is having on their lives, and the frustration and embarrassment they feel from an emotional standpoint. Our youth obsessed popular culture has done an excellent job of stigmatizing and mocking the condition of incontinence to the point that people with the condition don’t want to talk about it — at all.

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